Sustainable Materials

In May 2014 I was commissioned to create a photo essay based on One Planet Living Brighton by FotoDocument and Photoworks. Ten photographers were chosen to each represent one of ten sustainability principles. I was given Sustainable Materials, a subject I am passionate about. The exhibitions launched with the Brighton Photo Biennial 2014 in October. My exhibition is on at Emmaus Brighton, Drove Road until July 31, 2015.

About the photo essay

By encouraging people to use products that are locally sourced and/or made from renewable or waste resources, they become more aware of where the things they buy come from and the impact they will have on the environment. Also, by buying things that are well made it is possible to move away from the mentality of a throw away society and to value and look after natural resources.

The range of subjects within this series captures the eclectic and creative spirit of Brighton & Hove. Subjects include sustainable buildings, sustainable clothing, eco coffins and urns, artists who use so-called waste materials to make products, workshops which encourage children to get creative with used materials, cafes which teach people to mend their broken objects and finally Emmaus, the location selected for this exhibition, where people can show their support for the community of ex-homeless Companions whilst picking up an upcycled bargain.

Brighton & Hove is a vibrant city full of energy and this series of photographs shows how Sustainable Materials are being used in both practical and creative ways. 

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