Where the Red Kite Flies

Blog Post 1, December 2021

Bea and Skye, 2021

Procrastination and fear have made me put off starting a new blog about my current project, Where the Red Kite flies. It feels too big and too scary to put something out into the world, especially when a project is in such a fledgling state as mine is right now.

But in an interesting turn, by needing to do both my blog and my taxes, I've managed to actually get started on both by putting off doing the other. Who knew procrastination could be a useful tool?

In July I received the rather wonderful news that I'd been awarded funding for my new project, ‘Where the Red Kite flies’, from The Arts Council of England and The Elmley Foundation. Hooray!⁣

⁣It is going to be a two year project that will focus on the children that have and continue to grow up at the Lammas Tir-y-Gafel Eco Village and surrounding community. The photographic project also includes workshops and exhibitions and will be shot on medium format and 5x4 film. ⁣

I have now been photographing the community for (eek) almost 12 years. It started with a visit in 2010, thinking I could make a project about the Lammas eco village in 4 days. I was wrong. My series 'To Build A Home' about the wider community was awarded funding from The Arts Council of Wales in 2013 and the only way I could get myself to bring that series to some kind of close (despite numerous exhibitions and inclusion in publications) was to start something new, something different but still about the place and people that continue to inspire me like nowhere else. 

Future blog posts and newsletters will include: behind the scenes of the making of the project, project updates, blog takeovers from the kids of the community, interviews and maybe the odd recipe. There is good stuff to come so please do sign up to the newsletter link below.⁣

Huge thanks go to those who supported me through the process and my partners on the project: Manda Graham, Cai Broom, David Gepp, Clare Smith, Joseph Charles, McCoy Wynne, Hannah Fletcher and The Sustainable Darkroom, The Courtyard Hereford, Hereford College of Arts, Offline Journal and Brian Carroll, Ffoton, Ellie Macdonald, and Millie at The Chuffed Store.

And the biggest thanks of all to the members of the community for their love and support and continued inspiration. And to Matilda (age 18), for her quotes for my application:  I owe you more Monster Munch. 

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