Photographing the Home

A guide to interior photography during lockdown

Part 1

It isn’t just photographers that are stuck for a muse for what to photograph right now. We can’t go out except for the essentials, exercise, food shopping, medical needs. But taking photos is something we are so used to now in our daily lives. It can be therapeutic and it also provides us content for social media. There is often a challenge in photographing the familiar. Things we see everyday don’t grab us as something new can do. So how can we find inspiration for photos and creating content for instagram around the home?

Bertie looks majestically at the newly painted door

I’m getting to the point in lockdown where I’m missing working. I miss photographing homes for interior designers and of course that human connection of working together. These’s not much I can do about that last one but now is a time to embrace taking photos for myself. One of the added benefits of turning our cameras on our homes is that it forces us to look a little closer at our living spaces. This isn’t always a positive thing of course! I’ve had many a moment lately sat at my laptop pretending to work when my eyes start scanning the ceiling and wondering just why and when did all those cobwebs get there.

It’s also a great excuse for a project and when there aren’t that many ways to feel fulfilled with work right now, finishing a simple project around the home can be really satisfying. In one week I painted our front door (Little Greene eco paint in Goblin) and clipped Bertie’s hair myself for the first time (see photo). This gave me the false sense that I was quite good at cutting hair, which was later disproved when cutting my boyfriend’s hair this week.

Bring the outside in
We are missing the outdoors. I have been getting up extra early to walk my springer spaniel Bertie when it’s still quiet and that time outside is precious. But there’s something about not being able to get out whenever you want that of course makes you want to be outside all the more, having a picnic with pals or just lying in the grass with a good book.

I love collecting flowers and plants from my walks and from the garden and spreading them about in vases around the house. As I speak, I am typing at my kitchen table and in front of me are four vases full of blossoming stems. Plants and flowers make us happy. 

Watch your lines
One thing that really makes an interior photograph look more professional is straight lines, having verticals that are vertical and horizontals that are horizontal. If I have to prioritise one then I make sure at least one vertical in the shot is straight.

Go for natural light
Avoid that yellow tinge to photographs that comes from tungsten lights and turn those lights off -also good for the planet, win win :).

Enjoy the process 
Set aside the time to clean, tidy and style the area you are photographing. Don’t just make photos for the desire to have content. Create photos that make your creative soul happy and fulfilled.

Instagram Challenge

I’ve started the hashtag #thelockdownhome over on instagram and I’ll come up with a new challenge every couple of weeks. First up I’d love to see photos of a mundane corner of your home. Look at creating a beautiful space or keep it mundane. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing your photos.

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